Norwegian Complement Research Group

The Norwegian Complement Research Group (NCRG), led by professor Tom Eirik Mollnes, is an informal association of scientists focusing their work mainly on the complement system, a part of the hosts’ innate immunity. The group comprises approximately 25 people located at two different laboratories in Norway, “The Bodø Laboratory” at Nordland Hospital, Bodø, and “The Oslo laboratory” at Oslo University Hospital and University of Oslo.

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Pischke, Søren Sep 12. 2022.

ECN Gold Medal to Tom Eirik Mollnes

Tom Eirik Mollnes was awarded the Gold Medal of the European Complement Network, which is the European Society for all Complementologists. He received this...

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Pischke, Søren Jun 28. 2022.

International Complement Society presents the NCRG

It is a great honor to be presented in the newsletter of the International Complement Society which is the official professional society for all researchers in the field of Complement Immunology. This honour was given to the Norwegian Complement Research Group due to long-lasting, high-quality contributions to the field...

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Mollnes, Tom Eirik Dec 12. 2021.


NCRG presenting at ICW (Photos: Eline de Boer and Søren E. Pischke). The NCRG presented with several posters and three oral presentations. Baard Ove Karlsen and Eline de Boer presented orally. Eline de Boer, supervised by Senior Researcher Søren E. Pischke, gave two oral presentations, for which she got...

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Helse Nord Funding

Helse Nord granted funds to the Research Laboratory, Nordland Hospital, Bodø.   The distribution of Research Funds from Helse Nord from 2022 is now...

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