Fageräng, Beatrice

PhD student


Education: MSc

E-mail: beatrice.fageran[at]


Focus: The effect of an immunocompromised immune state on the interaction between immune pathways and the body’s response to pathogenic organisms.



Project title: CORVOS Project NO-1.

My project is a part of the Horizon 2020 MCSA program, CORVOS, and will focus on the role of complement and innate immunity in immunocompromised patients. The aim of the project is to elucidate the effect that loss of different immune components has on both the normal immune response, but also the response to foreign organisms. The goal with this project will be to expand on our understanding of how the many different pathways of the immune systems interact to protect our bodies, and to improve our understanding of the response to pathogenic organisms. We also hope to increase our understanding of patients with a compromised immune system, and to help develop methods that can be translated to a clinical setting to improve their life quality. Opportunistic infections are currently the most common cause of death in this patient group, and more information and understanding can undoubtably have large effects regarding their quality of life.

Projects affiliated to

Role of Complement in Human Disease

CORVOS: COmplement Regulation and Variations in Opportunistic infectionS

Role of Complement in Human Disease

Development of assays and models for complement research