Storm, Benjamin S.

PhD student


The thromboinflammatory and hemodynamic effects of air emboli and the effects of complement inhibition in a human in vitro whole blood and a in vivo porcine model.

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In this ph.d. project I study the effects of air emboli on the complement, coagulation and inflammation cascades in vitro in a human whole blood model, as well as the hemodynamic and inflammatory effects of venous air emboli in vivo in a porcine model.

In vitro, we have elucidated the effect of air emboli on the human complement and coagulation systems by incubation of blood or plasma with air bubbles and a combination of selected complement and coagulation system inhibitors, and subsequently analyzed for a wide range activated complement factors, coagulation factors and cytokines or cytokine mRNA.

In vivo, we have studied the hemodynamic decompensation and thromboinflammatory response to iv. infusion of air with a special emphasis on echocardiographic detection of venous air emboli, the cardio-pulmonary effect of air emboli, transpulmonary air passage and possible resuscitative measures. Currently, in vivo, we are studying the potential benefits of C3 inhibition.

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