Quach Quang, Huy



Education: MSci, PhD

E-mail: h.q.quac[at]medisin.uio.no


Focus: Nanomedicine studied in human whole blood


Project title: Nanomedicine in contact with blood

Nanomaterials are being increasingly incorporated into a variety of healthcare products. Upon direct contact with blood, however, nanomaterials immediately interact with various blood proteins. As a result of these interactions, nanomaterials may activate different proteolytic cascades in blood, including complement system, coagulation system, and induce thromboinflammation. My research focuses on understanding these interactions and develop strategies to both avoid and exploit these interactions for a better use of nanomaterials in healthcare.

Projects affiliated to

Complement, Platelets and Biocompatibility

Host-interactions to nanoparticles

Complement, Platelets and Biocompatibility

Thrombin as a central component and modulator of inflammation



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