Nilsson, Per H.

Senior Researcher/NCRG Secretary

Both Bodø and Oslo

Education: MSc, PhD

E-mail: per.nilsson[at]


Focus: Understanding biomaterials in a biological system with focus on the acute intravascular immune and thrombotic responses


Implantation of a medical device, i.e. a biomaterial  into human tissue is inevitably associated with adverse reactions against the non-self biomaterial. Whether the device will be accepted by the host is determined by the biocompatibility, defined as the ability of the material to perform with an appropriate host response in a specific application. Our ambition is to dissect mechanisms of inflammation and thrombosis in response to biomaterial exposure. This will aid in solving critical markers in biomaterials treatment, such as inflammation in hemodialysis, thrombosis associated with mechanical heart support and challenges related to in vivo administration of nanopharmaceuticals.

Projects affiliated to

Complement, Platelets and Biocompatibility

Host-interactions to nanoparticles

Complement, Platelets and Biocompatibility

Thromboinflammation in LVAD implantation

Role of Complement in Human Disease

Development of assays and models for complement research



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