The dual role of complement and CD14 in inflammation

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Since the «dual-inhibition» of complement (C3, C5) and TLRs (the co-receptor CD14, acting with TLR4, TLR2 and others) was postulated, Mollnes and the NCRG have in a number of papers showed that the combination of inhibition has attenuated the inflammatory reaction substantial more than either of them. This has been the case in both non-sterile and in sterile conditions. Thus, a main aim for the NCRG is to continue the work on this “dual inhibition”.



Ludviksen, Judith A.K. Medical laboratory technologist
Grønli, Renathe H. Medical laboratory technologist
Brekke, Ole-Lars Professor/Senior Consultant/Deputy Bodø
Christiansen, Dorte Medical laboratory technologist
Lau, Corinna Researcher
Chaban, Viktoriia Chief medical laboratory technologist
Pettersen, Kristin Medical laboratory technologist
Pischke, Søren Professor/Senior Consultant Deputy Oslo
Schjalm, Camilla Chief medical laboratory technologist
Barratt-Due, Andreas Senior Researcher/Senior Consultant
Emblem, Åse Chief medical laboratory technologist
Nilsson, Per H. Senior Researcher/NCRG Secretary
Roscher, Elin PhD student
Storm, Benjamin S. Ass. professor Senior Consultant