The dual role of complement and CD14 in inflammation

Principal investigator(s):


Since the «dual-inhibition» of complement (C3, C5) and TLRs (the co-receptor CD14, acting with TLR4, TLR2 and others) was postulated, Mollnes and the NCRG have in a number of papers showed that the combination of inhibition has attenuated the inflammatory reaction substantial more than either of them. This has been the case in both non-sterile and in sterile conditions. Thus, a main aim for the NCRG is to continue the work on this “dual inhibition”.


All members of the NCRG


Ludviksen, Judith A.K. Medical laboratory technologist
Grønli, Renathe H. Medical laboratory technologist
Mollnes, Tom Eirik Professor at University of Oslo
Brekke, Ole-Lars Professor/Senior Consultant/Deputy Bodø
Christiansen, Dorte Medical laboratory technologist
Lau, Corinna Researcher
McAdam, Karin Ekholt Medical laboratory technologist
Pettersen, Kristin Medical laboratory technologist
Pischke, Søren Senior Researcher / Senior Consultant / Deputy Oslo
Schjalm, Camilla Chief medical laboratory technologist