Sepsis and systemic inflammatory response

Principal investigator(s):


Systemic inflammatory response unleashed by sepsis or induced by a sterile endogenous insult, is a key phenomenon that often characterize the critically ill patient admitted to an intensive care unit. This includes a wide range of aetiologies; abdominal sepsis, toxicities related to haematologic treatment of patients, thrombo-ischemic events, and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) featured by complex pathophysiology involving the inflammatory cascade, lung mechanics, and systemic and pulmonary circulation.

This project aims to characterize inflammatory patterns and trajectories for different disease conditions or subgroups in heterogenous syndromes as ARDS. Furthermore, to reveal inflammatory targets that are promising for biomedical intervention.



Pischke, Søren Professor/Senior Consultant Deputy Oslo
Schjalm, Camilla Chief medical laboratory technologist
Mollnes, Tom Eirik Professor at University of Oslo
Grønli, Renathe H. Medical laboratory technologist
Pettersen, Kristin Medical laboratory technologist
Brekke, Ole-Lars Professor/Senior Consultant/Deputy Bodø
Nielsen, Erik Waage Professor / Senior Consultant
Storm, Benjamin S. Ass. professor Senior Consultant